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Not only does Porsche create ground-breaking cars, we also have a line of unique Porsche Lifestyle accessories including home products, clothes and toys for children. Just like our cars these products are of incredibly high quality and will complement your new purchase or existing car perfectly.

We also have a range of vehicle-specific accessories including car covers, tools and garage accessories. These items help to bring the Porsche Lifestyle into your home and help to protect your new or classic Porsche to give it the treatment it deserves. Helping to keep it looking its best throughout your ownership.

A line of products that deserves a special mention is our line of exquisite watches. Beautiful and expertly crafted with many that are themed to legendary Porsche cars. These are the perfect accessories to pair with your new purchase.


Visit Porsche Centre Mid-Sussex to view our range of Porsche Lifestyle accessories or visit our website to view our extended range of products.