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Over 70% of Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today. This is an impressive statistic, and at Porsche Centre Mid-Sussex, we ensure this continues to stay true for many years to come. Within our workshop we offer a large range of services for Porsche Classic models. This includes maintenance, servicing and the supply of Porsche Classic Genuine Parts.

We also hold a large range of Porsche Classic service products, including Porsche Classic Motoroils which are tailored specifically to the needs of the specific Porsche Classic engine. They were developed by engineers at the Porsche Development Centre in Wiessach.

A classic vehicle is any Porsche that is over 10 years old.

Here at Porsche Centre Mid-Sussex we do not only work on new cars, our technicians are highly trained and able to carry out any service work an older Porsche may need.

To enquire about booking your classic Porsche into our centre workshop please call 01444 703114 or contact info@porschemidsussex.co.uk for more information.