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Introducing the PCCM & PCCM Plus Systems


One of the biggest drawbacks of driving a classic car can often be the entertainment system. Technology moves so quickly, especially in the automotive world. You can be left behind in a world of FM radio and cassette tapes.

This can often put people off purchasing or driving a classic car.

Thankfully there is now a Porsche official solution for this problem. The PCCM (Porsche Classic Communication Management) plus range of infotainment systems allow owners to use Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, DAB+ and other modern features in their car even if it’s over 10 years old. Comprising of a user friendly 7 inch touchscreen display with rotary pushbutton controls.

We offer PCCM plus systems for the type 997 911, the type 987 Boxster (2005-2008), the first generation Cayenne (2003-2008), the type 996 911 and 986 Boxster (1997-2004).

We also offer the standard PCCM system for Porsche Classic vintage cars. The PCCM system still includes Satellite Navigation, Bluetooth functionality and Apple CarPlay in a classic looking design, without the large touch screen, allowing owners to fit a modern day infotainment system in their classic car without modifying the car. It still includes technology that simply did not exist when the cars were originally sold.

If you’re interested in the PCCM system please contact info@porschemidsussex.co.uk or visit our Centre for more information.