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New MARTINI RACING® Collection

New Martini Racing® Collection – Tribute to the ‘Hippie’


The latest Martini Racing® Collection from Porsche Driver’s Selection celebrates the eye-catching Porsche 917 043, otherwise known as ‘Hippie’, which brought colour and controversy to the rain-soaked 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970.

The new collection evokes the freedom and individualism of that era, combining traditional Martini Racing® colours with the bold patterns of the ‘Hippie’. Embellished with green accents and details such as the start and model number, every item is certain to make a statement and turn heads.


Women’s polo shirt

A stylish short-sleeved blue polo shirt with three buttons down the front and side seams and collars with ribbons in the typical Martini Racing® MARTINI RACING® colours. The collar patch is inspired by the Porsche 917 ‘Hippie’. There is a Martini Racing® Porsche badge on the chest and a badge with the number 3 on the upper arm. A tonal Porsche logo is printed on the back.


Men’s reversible quilted jacket

A modern, lightly padded and reversible quilted jacket features a hood, breast pocket and two side pockets and is wind and water-repellent. Dark blue on one side, the other side of the jacket is inspired by the psychedelic pattern of the inimitable Porsche 917 ‘Hippie’. A Martini Racing® Porsche badge is displayed on the chest, whilst the number 3 badge is on the upper arm and the 917 pin is included on the hem.


Leisure bag

Pack your kit into this modern, functional sports bag which comes in the popular Martini Racing® design and features a 3D logo on the front and green colour accents. The main compartment is spacious and has a small inner pocket with zip for personal belongings. There are two side pockets and a detachable shoulder strap.


Collector’s T-shirt edition no. 18 Unisex – Limited Edition

It is soft quality, limited edition Porsche 917 ‘Hippie’ Collector’s T-shirt is packaged in an exclusive metal box, printed with the same motif. A postcard is included that explains the printed motif.

For more information call 01444 242 911 or email info@porschemidsussex.co.uk to speak to a member of the Parts Team.