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Charging your Porsche Taycan


The new Porsche Taycan is on the way to our Centre and will be in the showroom in the coming weeks. If you have been considering changing to an electric Porsche, you will need to consider your options for charging it at home. Below are just some of the range of electric vehicle charging solutions: 

Options from Porsche

Porsche Mobile Charger and Porsche Mobile Charger Connect allow you to connect your electrical outlets at home to your Porsche Taycan to charge it. You can manage the performance, time and cost of charging in the Home Energy Manager system. With the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect you can also manage the functions remotely with Porsche Connect.

Porsche recommended provider

Anderson is the Porsche approved provider of electric vehicle chargers. The Andersen 2 wall mounted charger is stylish and can be customised to either match your house or your Porsche. With a 22kW core as standard, the Andersen 2 has faster charging than 11kW chargers and also features Bluetooth® smart connectivity and remote locking.

Andersen can carry out a home survey either over the phone, or in person to work out the most suitable charging options for you and your Taycan. The installation can be completed within two or three weeks once you have placed your order with Andersen. Call Andersen on 0208 158 6253 or email porsche@andersen-ev.com to arrange a home check.

Please contact our Sales Team on 01444 242 911 or email info@porschemidsussex.co.uk for more information on the Porsche Taycan.